Houseboats: HS Camp

Houseboats is our annual High School summer camp that we do here at the Lamb's Fellowship! We take as many HS students as possible to Lake Mead, NV and live on the cove for a week. We bring out instructors who teach them how to wakeboard, wake surf, and water ski, leaders who are committed to teaching about the love that Jesus offers, and of course the fun and joy that comes with it. This camp has proven time and time again to change students' lives. We hope that your student is able to attend! 

Camp can be an expensive endeavor; our hope would be that every student would be able to attend solely off of fundraising. That is, however, a difficult goal to accomplish, especially if our desire is to get as many students from our ministry to camp as possible. Our fundraisers are a great way to put a dent in the total cost, however they will not be able to provide full coverage for all students. We have cut the cost from recent year's registration in hopes that more students will attend by making the camp more affordable. Payment plan options are available. Paying for camp doesn't have to happen in one lump sum; small payments monthly make camp a little less daunting. HS students who babysit and do odd jobs throughout the 7 months leading up to camp typically get to camp without any financial struggle. LAMBSYM believes that God is bigger than money, so if you are interested in camp, but towards the closing months do not have the funds, please contact me at We will not be able to fully sponsor a student, but we may be able to help cut cost. 

Payments of $67.00 a month from February 1- July 1 would allow for your student's camp fee to be paid in a timely manner. The total cost for camp is $TBD per student. This cost covers lodging, food, boat play, water fun, a worship band and speakers, and provides your student with an experience that they will remember forever. Sign up by making your first payment today! If you are interested in donating to this camp, use the same link. Thank you for making this camp happen for these wonderful students.