Our children's ministry is directed by a 3-person team with love, joy, creativity and excitement. Our entire team of teachers and classroom helpers are committed disciples of Jesus and are compelled by God to serve the children and teach them about Jesus.

We provide high-level engaging ministry for children during each of our Sunday services (9 &10:30). We would love to meet your kids and have the opportunity to joyfully dig into the Holy Bible with them.

Our men's ministry exists to help all men become committed followers of Jesus. We have a monthly men's breakfast (1st Saturday of every month at 7am) as well as ongoing discipleship groups to help men get and remain linked in their faith community and be in a state of continual growth. If you are interested in getting connected with this community, feel free to come and join us at our breakfast.

We are weary of trying to fit the mold. The likely reason is that there is no mold. You were individually crafted by a Creator. All women are welcome here. That means YOU. Country girl. City girl. Girly girl. Young girl. Old girl. Tattooed girl. You are welcome. God looks to the heart, and so should we. When women gather, things happen. When Christian women gather, things happen for the Kingdom. We gather together because we are intended to live in community. We gather together because we are intended to change our community. We believe it is the unique heart of each woman that God is after. When He has our whole heart, He moves us. We believe that we are to encourage the next generation of women to love Jesus with their whole heart. We believe that each woman is of great value and it is our goal to encourage each woman to discover her potential and use it for the Kingdom of God.


Our High School (Grades 9-12) ministry meets on

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm,

Middle School (Grades 6-8) ministry meets at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm on Thursdays.

On Sunday mornings at 9 and 10:30, Middle School meets in the Youth Room, while High School remains in the sanctuary.

Our leadership team loves engaging the students of this

community with the love of Jesus.

Our goal is to provide students with with a place where they can Step Into a relationship with Jesus, Step Up to service opportunities in their local church and Step Out into their schools, teams, and platforms

to change the world in the name of Jesus.

Looking for a safe place to work through your hurts, habits, or hang-ups? Join us Wednesday evenings @ 6:00 for dinner, worship @ 7:00, followed by a testimony & then small groups. CR is a Christ-centered recovery program based on the Beatitudes in Matthew 5. For more information please click the link here or visit the Connection Center at one of our weekend services.

Celebrate Recovery is all about change. We meet every week for encouragement and accountability as we work through our various hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Our VISION is to be a place where people feel safe and accepted, where open and honest sharing takes place and genuine relationships are built with each other, but most importantly with our Higher Power - Jesus Christ. Our MISSION is to restore people’s lives through the 8 Recovery Principles and 12-Steps — to introduce people to a dynamic relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ, the one true Higher Power — and to inspire people to use their God-given gifts to glorify Him and build His Kingdom.