Buzzy ENniss Lead Pastor

       My name is Buzzy Enniss, I am one of the pastors here at the Lamb’s Fellowship. My wife and I recently (Jan. 15th 2015) celebrated 16 years of marriage and have three great kids (2 sons and a daughter). As a pastor I love trying to share the amazing truths of God in interesting ways. 

         I got my Masters degree from Azusa Pacific University and would love to continue on in education. My path to ministry was joyful and terrifying. I grew up in the church but got frustrated and stopped participating in corporate worship in any form. I ran from my call to be a disciple and a pastor and tried to find fulfillment in a handful of unholy and unhealthy choices. This lead me to a depression that lasted almost 3 years. During that time I was a distant husband, an impatient father and a bad friend to many people that I love. 

       When I began working my way out of the depression pit, I refocused my life on Jesus and got all the help needed to begin living a Godly life and finding peace and fulfillment in Jesus once again. I now have a desire to help as many people as possible experience the joy that is found in living for Jesus. I want my church to welcome the broken, the healthy, the poor, the rich, the sad, the joyful and whomever else God might put in our path. Once people join our church, we want to use every creative tool possible to help people learn how to be radically devoted to becoming disciples of Jesus.


Pastor of love

     Steve Brasington, lovingly penned Stevie B by Sr. Pastor Gary Enniss is LFLE’s “Pastor Love”. Steve’s main focus is Pastoral Care and our Lord has so wired him to love and care for our Church Family in genuine heart felt authentic and joyful presence.  

     Along with Steve’s caring for God's people, he also oversees the Embrace Team, serves on the Creative team, the Worship team and in any other area that he sees a need.  

     Steve loves all things sports. He cheers for the Chargers, the Padres and whatever Championship baseball team his son is currently coaching (currently at CBU).

    Stevie B's gift of adaptability and flexibility have him wearing many hats. Pastor Steve has a B.A. in Physical Education and an M.A. in Elementary Education. His lovely wife Jenn (JB) is the wind beneath his wings and the LOVE of his life AND being a Grandpa is everything it’s cracked up to be. Hallelujah!

trent meng

Executive pastor

Pastor Trent loves the church passionately. He has dedicated his life to serving the unstoppable, life transfroming force that is the Church of Jesus Christ! Trent has a BA in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Leadership from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa and an MA in Missional Leadership from Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. He married his incredible wife Amy (our Worship Director) in December of 2004 and they have been sharing in the great adventure of serving the Lord together ever since. They have three little girls, Sydney (8), Savannah (4), and Hadley (1) who fill every day with laughter and joy. Trent enjoys reading, any and all things related to the playing or watching of sports (especially the L.A. Lakers), and spending quality time with his wife and daughters.

Jenny Switkes

Pastor of Awesomeness

Pastor Jenny is a bi-vocational pastor at Lamb’s Fellowship and mathematics professor at Cal Poly Pomona. She is passionate about God’s presence in our lives and His love for people in both of these places and around the world. She is a first-generation Christian who became captivated by Jesus while studying mathematics in college and gave her life to Him. Later on, she earned a Master of Divinity degree from Azusa Pacific University. Here at Lamb’s Fellowship, Jenny leads our prayer ministry and global missions, and she serves as liaison for prison ministry, the Pepper Tree Homework House, Celebrate Recovery, and the Lake Elsinore Dream Center. She has a special place in her heart for Africa and joyfully considers Uganda her second home.

Dan Lincoln

Man pastor

Dan is one of the staff Pastors and his main focus is men’s ministry, discipleship, community outreach, and manages the facilities of our 16 acre site. His role requires a lot of volunteer help, this fits his ministry call of working with men, but there are also some wonderful women that serve around the property in amazing ways. Dan loves helping people encounter and embrace God. He has a long history in construction and loves building and fixing things. Dan has been joyfully married to his wife Sue for 32 years, he has two grown kids a granddaughter and has a grandson on the way! Dan celebrates that he gets to serve Jesus and fellowship with his community while working with some great volunteers; it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Sue lincoln

office guru

Sue has been faithfully serving as the office administrator here at Lambs for 7 years and loves her job. Sue has a heart for hospitality and loves knowing that everyone is cared for and their needs are met. She has been wonderfully and happily married to her incredible husband Dan (the Man pastor) for the last 32 years and together have 2 amazing kids, Reid and Samantha, one outstanding son in law, Kellen and the most beautiful granddaughter, Teagan and a handsome grandson, Ranger.

Director of Youth Ministry

Josh Montgomery (and his wife Emily) hail from upstate New York but are willing to go wherever God calls them. Josh is finishing his degree in Youth and Family Development and has experience leading youth ministries, community projects that promote leadership development and healthy living. Josh loves his dog. Josh has a passion for teaching the word of God to youth and helping lead them to a fulfilled life in Jesus.

Jennifer Jackson

Special Event Coordinator

Director of women's ministries

Jennifer Jackson has been part of Lamb's from the beginning. She is a natural as the director of events, she's very organized. Jen is heart committed to the ministry of Lamb's and loves helping people plan their events. Jen has been married to her best friend, who is a fireman for 11 years. They have two children, Zoe who is 12 years old and Caleb who is 11 years old. Her little ones have grown up at Lamb's and think the church is "home". Jen also loves singing on the worship team and loves quilting with Women of the Cloth. She is a mentor to young women and lives her life devoted.

Vikey woolsey

Director of joy and children's ministries

Vikey blesses this church as a bringer of joy to all that encounter her. She directs the children's ministries with a creative spirit and a high level of imaginative deliberacy. We love her. Vikey has been a preschool teacher for the last 2 decades and recently felt the call of God to move into full time ministry. She brings a heart devoted to Jesus into every classroom and adores everyone one of the teachers and helpers that are excited to lead children toward Jesus with her.

Vikey and her husband Bill have three grown boys that they are extremely proud of.

Amy meng

worship director

Amy is a natural worshiper of Jesus Christ. Her musical talent, while amazing, is truly second to the heart she leads the people of this church with. She has authored many of her own worship songs and is a top level gatherer or people. She is married to Trent (the Executive Pastor) and has three beautiful kids.